DEP Spray

A dry erase marker in an aerosol can. Apply D.E.P. spray to windows and whiteboards and remove with a simple paper towel.

DEP Spray visits True Skool in Milwaukee

Posted by Ryan Corbin on July 13, 2013. 0 Comments

True Skool is an urban arts program in Milwaukee, WI with a unique blend of instruction in art, music, and dance.  DEP spray visited the school last week to put a couple cans in the hands of some of the students and see what they could do.  The kids were excited to use the new art supply and created some really amazing works of art.


Even the teachers got into it...



It was an amazing day, and a great opportunity to tap into the kids boundless creativity. 

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We're Live!

Posted by Ryan Corbin on April 04, 2013. 0 Comments

D.E.P. Spray has officially launched!  Take pictures of what you make with it and send them to us at and if we like them we might send you a free can. 

Thanks a lot!


- Ryan Corbin

Inventor Of DEP Spray

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