DEP Spray

A dry erase marker in an aerosol can. Apply D.E.P. spray to windows and whiteboards and remove with a simple paper towel.

No longer do you need to waste your time with puny dry erase markers.  DEP spray is the answer for when you need to write on windows or whiteboards and want to do it big.  Our patented formula goes on thick like spray paint, but removes with a simple paper towel.


If you’re working in an office that requires a lot of brainstorming DEP spray adds another tool to your whiteboard arsenal.  Add big details with ease, accentuate the ideas you want, and quickly make the ones you don’t want disappear.


Quickly add decorations to your classrooms windows and whiteboards.   Use stencils to increase the pace of your lectures.   Or just simple get their attention in a boring art class with a session on street art spray techniques that won’t have you driven out of town (Recommended under close supervision only).


Street art is gaining in popularity and with it increased crackdowns in cities across America.  Keep on the legal side of the law with a spray paint that allows you to remove your art easily.  Be the artist you want to be without the disapproval of others.  Great for those that want to get extra uses out of limited space.