DEP Spray

A dry erase marker in an aerosol can. Apply D.E.P. spray to windows and whiteboards and remove with a simple paper towel.


DEP Spray

D.E.P. Spray is a new concept in the graffiti world, a tool for both experienced Graffiti artists and people that have never picked up a can before.  D.E.P. Spray looks like a simple Matte spray paint, but like dry erase markers can in most cases be removed with a simple paper towel.    

Currently only available in black.  Sold as a large 8 ounce can.


The shipping rates are as follows:

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Shipping is limited to the continental United States (Sorry American Samoa).  We ship UPS Ground.

If you would like to order 10 or more cans please contact us at for special rates.